My multidisciplinary art practice navigates and expresses my unique perspectives on love, memory, and dreams. As a queer polyamorous woman, my art making is a deeply personal method of challenging convention with the hope of creating safe spaces for others like me - who’s hearts also grow. While admiring my late paternal grandmother’s patchwork quilt, I had the revelation that I am also many disparate parts brought together. In her colorful fabrics I see my multiple selves: a filmmaker and photographer, a poet and songwriter, a maker and artist — all joined together in harmony through my multidisciplinary art practice. As a woman with an incredible capacity for love who has chosen not to have children, I often wonder, “Where does all that love go?”. My art practice attempts to answer that question, satisfy a need to express my boundless affection, and pay tribute to the lineage of loving mothers and women makers I descend from. I intentionally focus on the growth and healing I’ve experienced since the life-altering loss of my beloved father in 2018. My songs, poetry, and art installations elicit emotive experiences from audiences while honoring family, craft, and conveying that in love, there is hope.

Portrait: Loved Ones, Digital Photograph, 2020

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