End of (Herr)Era, 2023

End of (Herr)Era
JotoSeptiempre, Brick at Blue Star
September 8, 2023

End of (Herr)Era is an art installation honoring the history of creativity and craft in my family with a focus on photography and my personal experience of queerness. This installation featured my series of ten Quilt Dress pieces, my Pillow Dress and Baby Blanket Bear soft sculptures, family photographs, my poetry book, and self-portraits in family photo frames featuring items included in the installation. The half circle of forty foot rope around the installation was previously used as the clothesline my Quilted Dresses were hung from in my work, We Are Quilted Together. The rope created a line of demarcation between the audience and the installation. The title refers to my Mother’s maiden name, Herrera, and my choice to be the only daughter of the last three generations who is not a mother. 

JotoSeptiempre was an LGBTQ+ Photography Pop-up Art Show organized by José Villalobos at Brick at Blue Star. 

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